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Smart Cities

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Growing urban populations demand more efficient operations with limited resources to improve quality of life and maintain sustainable development. Optimizing multifaceted city functions requires the amalgamated use of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation, and with the rapid advancement of these areas as well as sensors and connectivity, this can be fully realized.

HKUST tackles this large umbrella research topic by focusing on several areas within smart cities. Our experts are relentlessly researching smart infrastructure and transportation, smart buildings, smart energy storage systems, smart air quality control, autonomous vehicles, and Internet of Things technology. To bolster these technologies, our faculty are also working on advancing the fundamental enabling technologies for smart cities, such as smart sensing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and next-generation connectivity.

The timely establishment of HKUST’s GREAT Smart Cities Institute will also create a much-needed platform for fostering collaborative research and knowledge dissemination both within and outside of the University for research topics related to smart cities.