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Central Research Facilities

The Central Research Facilities are a pillar of the University’s research infrastructure and play a vital and integral role in our multidisciplinary approach.

World-class experimental facility that features a multi-purpose low speed tunnel and an acoustic facility, under construction.

Houses leading research equipment to develop advanced engineering materials technology and its applications.

A key support platform equipped with environmental monitoring and analytical tools for atmospheric research.

Provides cutting-edge communal equipment, training, and other activities to aid R&D in all areas of biological sciences.

Humane care and husbandry, subject to rigorous HKUST-approved experimental protocols.

A core facility to serve research needs for the preparation, characterization, and analysis of various advanced materials.

Offers unique services in engineering design and fabrication of sophisticated mechanical and electronic systems, materials processing and development.

The first and only complete nanofabrication facility set up in a Hong Kong tertiary institution.

A newly upgraded Central Research Facility that serves the needs of collaborative efforts in frontier marine science and ocean-related research.