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Aging is a natural and inevitable process, but one that is poorly understood. An aging population places enormous social and economic strain on society, calling for urgent efforts to advance the knowledge of aging. HKUST aims to develop an understanding of healthy aging – the process of aging while maintaining mobility, social contribution, meet basic needs, and build and sustain relationships in old age independently – and subsequently design technology-based solutions for the betterment of society. 

The University’s aging research is highly interdisciplinary and focuses on the understanding of the science of aging, diseases related to aging, the social impacts of aging, as well as the development of technology to enable healthier aging. Moreover, the University has recently made significant steps toward supporting aging research by seeking out strategic partnerships with leading elderly care facilities such as, Haven of Hope Christian Service, and regularly collaborating with local hospitals. The synergistic partnerships draw upon the practical know-how of these organizations while providing them with academic and scientific expertise to address the challenges of aging healthily and holistically.