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Lighting is a major source of power consumption globally. Prof Kei May Lau, an expert in semiconductor materials and devices, initiated efforts to advance LED research two decades ago, contributing to a greener, energy-efficient alternative to a more sustainable way of life.

Her work is based around compound semiconductors (GaN, GaAs, InP) for optoelectronic devices and technologies enabling the integration of photonics and electronics, thereby improving the efficiency and speed of information processing and transmission.

Prof Lau and her team is one of the leading groups worldwide focusing on integrating ICs and LEDs. Using silicon integrated circuit technologies in conjunction with LED arrays, Prof Lau has developed innovative device designs to make the actual LED system more user-friendly. Prof Lau has led a large-scale Theme-based Research Scheme project, supported by Hong Kong Research Grants Council, to further advance LED-based lighting and display technologies.

Prof Kei May Lau is Research Professor at the Division of Emerging Interdisciplinary Areas, and Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at HKUST. She is an IEEE Fellow and recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Awards for Women (FAW) Scientists and Engineers in USA. In addition, she is a Hong Kong Croucher Senior Research Fellow. She has served on the IEEE Electron Devices Society Administrative Committee.


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