Prof Tim Cheng

Prof Tim Cheng

Vice-President for Research and Development


Geared for Impact

Discovery and innovation are the outcomes of curiosity and problem solving, where enquiring minds interact and are given full play to unravel the mysteries of our universe and address real-world issues. At HKUST, we embody this freedom and can-do spirit to push the frontiers of knowledge, and through impactful research, tackle “glocal” challenges and spark changes for the better.

What our university has achieved in just three decades was powered by our enduring quality of research across disciplines. We celebrate our researchers for persisting in the quest for knowledge and making breakthroughs, building a solid foundation to embrace transdisciplinarity. Bringing together a diversity of talents, we open up new horizons in high-impact areas, contributing to a smart, healthy and resilient future for our society.

Innovation is a concerted effort. Riding on our established network of research partnerships, institutes, centers and joint labs, we strive to elevate and deepen synergistic collaborations with institutions, governments, industries and communities around the globe and in the mainland, especially the Greater Bay Area. Our efforts are further boosted with the opening of our Guangzhou Campus in September 2022, affording our researchers expanded opportunities and access to more research facilities and infrastructural support. Our vibrant and stimulating ecosystem across two campuses is set to strengthen a robust pipeline from fundamental research to translational and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Members of our research community, friends in our partnership network, and interested collaborators, we warmly welcome you on board our journey to inspire, transform and impact.



The Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development provides overall leadership and oversees the strategic development of the University's research and knowledge transfer. Dedicated efforts are focused on building faculty teams in targeted research areas, developing and implementing research directions across Schools and disciplines, and establishing the necessary research infrastructure to support critical and innovative research, knowledge transfer as well as our platforms in the Mainland. Under the current organization, the Research Office provides research support and administration; the Shenzhen Platform Development Office oversees the three Mainland Platforms; the Office of Knowledge Transfer oversees the Entrepreneurship Center.

Research Office provides assistance in the overall management of grants / funding and contracts pertaining to research and development including dissemination of funding opportunities, providing assistance in funding / grants applications and administration of research grants / contracts to meet requirements and ensure compliance.

Office of Knowledge Transfer oversees strategic planning and operations in knowledge transfer. Serving as a bridge between the HKUST research community and industry, it transforms the University’s research output into new products and services by identifying commercial potential from inventions, formulating intellectual properties, incubating technologies, and offering funding support.

HKUST R and D Corporation Limited is the business arm for commercialization and exploitation of the research conducted at HKUST. It provides contractual, financial and administrative support for the University’s technology transfer, collaborative research and consulting activities with the industry; and manages the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program.

Entrepreneurship Center strives to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit on campus. Through activities, funds, matching, and mentorship support, it nurtures next-generation entrepreneurs whose companies make commercial, social and cultural impacts on Hong Kong and beyond.

Shenzhen Platform Development Office oversees the operations of HKUST's R&D platforms in Mainland, with an emphasis on Shenzhen. It also serves as a liaison point between Hong Kong and Mainland to facilitate mutual opportunities and collaboration. 



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